Weroplast® BlueMamba quick plasters - 1 pc
  • Adhesive-free plasters
  • Self-adhesive (cohesive)
  • Blood-absorbing
  • Elastic, non-slip material
  • Colour: blue - for visual recognition
  • Skin-friendly
  • Water and oil repellent
  • Latex and adhesive-free
  • Painless to remove
  • Suitable for the food industry

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The special structure of Weroplast® BlueMamba means that it only adheres to itself - but not to skin, hair or the wound.

Fast wound care - self-adhesive, tear-off, breathable. Sticks to itself, not to the wound, skin or hair. Leaves no adhesive residue and can be removed painlessly. Latex and adhesive-free, therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. Particularly suitable for finger joint and fingertip injuries.

1. open the packaging and remove the plaster roll. Depending on the amount of bleeding, fold the beginning of the self-adhesive plaster several times to form a wound pad.
2. place the folded wound pad on the wound and wrap 1 - 2 times.
3. tear off or cut off the plaster and press on the loose end.
4. fingertip injury: Wrap once around the joint and continue in a spiral to the fingertip. Wrap several times around the fingertip. Form a wound cushion in case of heavy bleeding. Wrap in a spiral back to the starting point. Tear off or cut off the plaster and press on the loose end.

Item width: 3 cm
Item length: 5.5 m

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